An Ofsted inspector visited the nursery on 8 September 2023.  The nursery was judged to be GOOD across all judgements.


The inspection judgements were as follows:


Overall effectiveness Good


The quality of education Good

Behaviour and attitudes Good

Personal development Good

Leadership and management Good


Ofsted Report September 2023



'Children are highly engaged in their learning while being supported by knowledgeable staff who know them well'



'Parents describe the fantastic care that children receive and how their children have become more confident and made new friends since attending the nursery'



'The arrangements for safeguarding are effective. Robust risk assessment processes ensure that children are kept safe in the nursery and on outings'



'Relationships with babies are sensitive and tailored to their individual needs. Staff provide comfort and meet their care needs well'




'From a young age, staff introduce new language to children, supporting all children to make good progress in their communication and language development'



'Staff consistently teach children what is expected of them. They model good manners, such as saying please and thank you, and older children do this without being prompted'



'Parents praise the nursery staff for the support they provide for their children. They say that they know what the staff are teaching their children and the skills they want their child to develop. This helps them to further support their child at home'



'The manager designs an ambitious curriculum that builds on what children already know and can do'



'Children are well prepared for school'



'They ensure that children are able to communicate their needs by building positive relationships'



'Staff are skilled at commenting on children's play during child-initiated activities'



'Staff are skilled at meeting the needs of children with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND)'