Getting children eating well for life means starting early. We operate a three week menu which changes in Winter and Summer. 


The guidelines were commissioned by the Department for Education and represent national best practice. 


They were developed with national professional organisations like the National Day Nurseries Association.


They show how we meet the Early Years Foundation Stage welfare requirement on providing ‘healthy, balanced and nutritious’ food and drink.



We operate a Summer and Winter menu. The menu runs over a three week period.



We are very proud of the food we offer the children that attend our nursery.


On 3rd October 2014 we were awarded the children's Food Trust Award for 'excellence in children's healthy food and drink'.


The Outstanding award helps us:

  • reassure parents we provide the best food for their children
  • demonstrate to Ofsted that we are serious about supporting children’s well-being
  • meet the national food standards
  • support children in making healthy food choices


The award is not just about the food on the plate. It looks at the whole lunchtime experience for children, and how we support their understanding of what it means to eat healthily.


Using Eat Better, Start Better demonstrates how we meets the:



We have consistently achieved high standards by investing in high calibre, experienced kitchen staff, continuous professional development, a high quality working environment and constant reflection on our food practices. 


We have an excellent track record of compliance. We place great emphasis on our staff having constant access to sound technical advice. We also ensure our daily procedures are very well documented. 


The food hygiene and safety procedures (including food handling practices and procedures, and temperature control) demonstrate high standards of compliance with statutory obligations and industry codes of recommended practice and we constantly strive to conform to accepted good practices in the early years sector.

Environmental Health awarded the nursery a Grade 5 during its most recent inspection of our kitchen on Thursday 1 June 2023


We are focused on maintaining the highest standards of hygiene at all times.